By yourself you’re unprotected.  With a friend you can face the worst. Can you round up a third?  A three stranded rope isn’t easily snapped (Ecclesiastes 4:12 The Message).

In August of 1980, two people from across the country sat down in the foothills of California and surrendered their lives to the Lord. One was a native Californian from the central coast, and the other had recently relocated from Virginia.  In November of that year, they met for the first time.  By April of 1981, they were both convinced that the Lord wanted them together, and they married.  Thus began a life together that was full of exciting adventures.

Did I mention love?  Yes, what the Lord puts together is always full of love.  And through the years, they developed deep devotion and a strong relationship.  The secret to their now 40 years of marriage is fully depended on what happened before they met.  A life that is surrendered to the Lord affords success.

In the environment of today’s world, there are a variety of difficulties for a married couple to face.  United they have a good chance of success, but they face a great on slot of factors trying to pull them apart.  Jesus adds the much needed strength to their relationship. This has been my experience.

Bonnie and I are about to celebrate our fortieth year of marriage, and we still like each other!  We are deeply thankful to Jesus for guiding us through, and blessing us with a wonderful life together. 

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