Psalm 24:1, “The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it.”

Back in August of 2014, I began this blog to encourage, strengthen, and comfort fellow Christians.   I also hope to inspire those who don’t know what God has done for them to come to him. 

The above Scripture is foundational to this blog.  I’ve tried to live my life in the comfort of knowing this is God’s world.  In my years of walking with him, I have discovered that God is good, and I have become aware of his beauty all around me.  I want to share this with my readers.

I understand that man brought evil into God’s world through rebellion.  Ever since, God has been working to rid us of evil and restore us to him.  Man cannot rid the earth of evil, but God can.  He has the power.  For those of us who have received Jesus as our savior, our limited power is expressed in surrendering our lives to God’s Holy Spirit that he might cleanse us of evil.

I believe that all power and wisdom ultimately rests in the hands of God.  Therefore, we can trust him with the life that he has given us.  Most of all, I believe he loves us; and he demonstrated his love for us through Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross.  He gave the ultimate ransom to bring us back into relationship with him. 

I hope as I continue to write that you will be encouraged, strengthened, and comforted.  Please, share your comments and insights that I might receive from you as well. 

God’s blessings to you!


Sometimes when I sit down to read my Bible I think, “I’ve read this part a thousand times.”  Then I begin to work through the scripture and find there’s something new in that old familiar story.  I realize again that the Spirit always has a new insight to challenge and guide me.

The other day, I was reading in Matthew chapter 9.  As I went through verses 14 and 15, a new thought came to me.  In The Message the verses read:

A little later John’s followers approached, asking, “Why is it that we and the Pharisees rigorously discipline body and spirit by fasting, but your followers don’t?”  Jesus told them, “When you’re celebrating a wedding, you don’t skimp on the cake and wine.  You feast.  Later you may need to pull in your belt, but not now.  No one throws cold water on a friendly bonfire.  This is Kingdom Come!”

What came to me was that when Christians meet we are getting together to celebrate the coming of God’s Kingdom.  We are celebrating our shared citizenship in His Kingdom, and basking in the realization that Jesus is here with us.  Our hearts are filled with joy as we honor the one who made it all possible.