Beginning 2015

As we begin a new year, I’d like to say a few things about this blog.  God’s World and Us points first of all to the fact that we live in a world that God created.  It’s his.  Secondly, we are his.  He created us, acknowledged or not, to live in his created world.  By stating these facts, and providing the subsequent posts to this blog, I hope to help us gain perspective.  “Us” includes you and me.  If you have ever taught, you know that teaching causes the teacher to learn more than earlier studies ever provided.  Therefore, as I prepare and write for this blog, I will be gaining perspective as I share with you.

On a day some thirty-two years ago, when I was involved in a church start-up ministry, I received a word from God that has shaped my ministry since then.  My main part in the new church was as the worship leader, but I also took part in the teaching ministry.  I had spent that day with our pastor helping him to move his household to a new place.  On the way back to the church, I remembered that it was my turn to teach the bible study.  The bible study was just two hours away, and I was not sure what I was going to teach that evening.  We stopped at a store, and I remained in the truck to pray.  I was seeking the Lord for inspiration, so I prayed, “Lord what should I teach?”

He responded, “Teach them who I am.”

I replied, “How can I do that when I don’t know who you are?”

God’s response in that prayer, “Teach them who I am” has turned out to be a lifelong calling.  As God, through his love and mercy, has revealed himself to me, I have tried to be faithful in sharing what he has shown me.  This blog is also a forum for that calling.

My hope for us in 2015 is that we will grow ever closer to knowing Him, our great and loving Father.  May this blog be a help to us along the way.

2015 Albert Vredenburg

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