I am a member of a small congregation.  I have attended this church for seven years.  Each week we gather together to share in worshipping the Lord, hearing the Word, and fellowshipping.  When one of our members is not present on a Sunday morning, they are missed.  Fortunately, there is no condemnation or judgement when someone is missing.  Actually, we all probable know why they’re not at church.  We are close.

Last Sunday during our worship time, the Lord led me through a review of the individuals in our congregation.  He showed me how everyone has a special and unique place in my heart.  I know them, and they know me.  They are not a mass of people, because I know each individual personally.   I am blessed to have a group of people I know so well.  They make my life fuller and increase my joy.  When tragedy strikes we are there to comfort one another. 

Every day we hear of great tragedies around the world.  The devastation of the masses sickens my heart, but I can’t relate to their suffering like I can when someone I’m close to suffers.  I feel deeply the suffering of those I know well.    I don’t know the individuals in the masses personal, so my compassion and understanding are inadequate.  I try to project what it would be like if I were in their place, but I am limited.

God however knows every single soul that traverses this earth, personally.  God feels deeply the tragedies of every human life.  I’m sure to God, the individual is not blurred by the masses.  When I pray for those in distant lands, I am sure that God knows those I pray for.  He is there and available for each one.  I am limited in my ability to see the individual in the masses, but I can partner with my God who is not limited.  When I pray for the masses, God ministers to the individuals.

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