First Encounter

The being opened eyes that took in light, then color, and objects.  He rose as if he had done this many times, yet it was his first.  Everything he did was his first, for he was the first of his kind.

A voice spoke to him, “Welcome to the world I have created for us to enjoy.”  He turned to see another being standing there beside him.  “I have brought you forth that you might know me, and that we might walk together.  Come let’s walk and experience that which is good.”

They walked through trees and shrubs with bright blossoms and sweet smells.  The being spoke his first words, “This which you have created brings a feeling of joy and delight.”

“Yes that was my desire.  Enjoy all that I have created,” the creator shared.

Just then a creature scurried past them.  “What was that?” asked the being.

The creator smiled, “I have created many creatures for you to know and oversee.  See this one returns to you.  What would you name him?”

The being bent down and picked up the little creature.  “I will call this one mouse.”

The scriptures record that Adam, as we know this being, went on to name all of the animals that God had created.  Mankind started with purity and goodness and walked with the continual presence of God.   His promise to us is that we will again experience that which Adam knew.  We don’t know how the first encounter between God and man actually occurred, but I hope this scenario helps you to imagine what that encounter might have been like.

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