The other day, I was driving along the city streets when I started to feel a sensation through my being.  From within came persuasion to praise the Lord.  I started to pull my car to the side when all the cars around me just came to a halt.  People began to step out of their cars.  Then an unexpected sight developed before my eye.  All those around me began to lift their hands toward the sky, and their mouths were moving as if they were talking to the sky.  As this phenomenon progressed, I could hear the words of praise coming from those around me.  Following along, I joined this spontaneous worship and praise.

The scene propagated as far as I could see.  People lifted their hands and spoke words of praise.  The trees that lined the street began to lift their branches toward the sky.  A tiny squirrel, poised on a tree branch, raised its voice and tiny paws upward.  On the street corner, a dog lifted his head and howled toward the sky.   The combined sound of our praise increased in a crescendo of love and thanksgiving.  It seemed as if the entirety of creation was lifting praise to the Lord.

While reading the words of Psalm 148 this visualization came to me.  I was imagining what the whole of creation praising its creator might look like.  What a stirring thought, the whole of creation giving to our God what is rightly due him.  The psalmist states in verse 5 “Let them praise the name of the Lord, for he commanded and they were created.”  In the midst of our busy week, let’s stop and remember to give praise to the one who created us.

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