Today I have the privilege of helping a young man pass his driving test.  I don’t really know him.  I spent two hours giving him a driving lesson yesterday, and today I will go with him to the DMV for his test.  After today I will most likely never cross paths with him again.  I have shown him patience, kindness, and a little humor during our brief encounter.  This is what I do.  This is what God has asked me to do.  It’s my ministry.

When I am in the car with students I often have an opportunity to share my faith with them, but not always.  A few times I have prayed with a student.  I usually pray for them, but I have no idea of the eternal impact of our interactions.  This is in God’s hands.  He knows.  I am his servant doing his will as best I can.  I am getting old and tired, and I frequently want to quit.  His word to me is “Stay the Course”.

So today I will venture forth in my little car and teach students to drive.  I will rely on God to strengthen me when I’m weary, give me patience when I’ve run out, and encourage me when I’m down.  (Isn’t this what life as a Christian is all about, relying on God?)  Many times I feel that I can’t continue, but He gets me through.  My awareness of my need for Him has greatly increased.  The outcome of doing this job is in His hands.

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