This is a re-post from Christmas 2014.  I hope you enjoy it.

With the advent of Christmas we celebrate the greatest event that ever happened on the earth:  God entering time and taking on human flesh.  He spent time as one of us.  He walked beside us, and with his eventual death and resurrection, brought new and eternal life for all who would receive him.  This is worthy of celebration.  No other event on earth has stirred the hearts of men to such joyous celebration.  People all-over the earth celebrate this wondrous occasion.

Joining in celebration helps us focus on something bigger than our individual lives; something more real than the temporal.  Celebration sets a mood of happiness and oneness.  I remember singing in a community choir at Christmas.  Our hearts were lifted as we performed traditional Christmas music.  We experienced a oneness of joy and delight.

God wants us to enter into this celebration.  The angels celebrated that first night when Jesus was born, and we have ever since celebrated with them.  Let us continue the celebration of Jesus’ birth and the wonder of God’s plan for our salvation begun that glorious night.


                   A promise has been fulfilled

                   A reclamation for all the earth

                   A virgin has brought forth child

                   A most miraculous birth

                   A prophesy from ancient times

                   A hope that’s now achieved

                   A salvation realized

                   A redemption for Adam’s seed.

God bless you, and have a Merry Christmas!


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