Have you ever thought why pray?  God’s going to do his plan.  He’s not going to alter it for me.  It’s a place of frustration.  I’ve been there.  In relationships we sometimes give the other the silent treatment when we’re angry or frustrated with them.  God is patient; he waits for us.  When we break the silence it is often with an expression of that anger and frustration.  God created humans.  He’s not going to be surprised by this.  However our communication with God is unlike our communication with our fellow humans because it is spiritual.  

When I speak with others I use motions and expressions as do they.  My communication is much more than verbal.  I recently taught a lady from China how to drive in America.  She spoke almost no English, and I speak no Mandarin Chinese.  We were successful.  She now has her license.  Communication happened even without the verbal aspect.

The communication dynamic is much different with God.  First, he already knows what we’re going to say, and he knows the motivation of our hearts that is behind what we’re going to say.  This leaves us with no opportunity for sly manipulation of the conversation.  We can’t read him as we speak, therefore no guile can be involved.  The conversation is straight forward.  His answer comes in his time from an all knowing perspective.  This causes us to learn patience and humility.

So why pray?  Communication is required in every relationship.  The most important relationship we have is with our creator.  We communicate with him through prayer.  We have his word to help us grow in our communications.  He wrote a whole book to help us.  So even though I don’t always understand God, and I’d like answers now and according to my will, I know he knows best.  I have learned to trust him.

One of the most beautiful pictures of our prayers is from Revelations 5:8. 

“And when he had taken it (the scroll), the four living creatures and the twenty-four elders fell down before the Lamb.  Each one had a harp and they were holding golden bowls full of incense, which are the prayers of God’s people.” 

If you are going through one of those times where you wonder “why pray”, I hope this has been helpful.  Just remember, your prayers are incense in the throne room of heaven.

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