Every once in a while, I’ve had enough!  When this happens and you are two, you throw a temper tantrum.  For me, being slightly older than two, I get grouchy and unpleasant to be around.  These moments come upon me at varied frequencies.  I had one of these episodes the other day.  There was too much to do, too many events and not enough time.  Oh, did I mention too little energy?  This too little energy plague seems to superimpose itself upon the lives of older people.   Unfortunately, this is now my category.  

Coping skills are something you develop as you mature.  It took me about twelve hours to remember I had them.  Fortunately, I was asleep part of that time so the damage was minor.  After my wife reminded me of a few truths I was avoiding, she went shopping, a convenient out.   Truth, God has blessed me with a beautiful and talented wife who knows how to bring me back to clear thinking.  She nailed me with these truths. First, God has blessed me with a loving family that is more important than the tasks I wish to accomplish.  Second, God is my provision, and he has always taken care of me and mine.  Simple truths are easy to forget and profoundly important to remember.  My coping skills are rooted in remembering these truths. 

There are other truths.  Heaven is my real home; I’m just a sojourner here.  I’m not really old because I’m going to live forever.  God is merciful, and his mercies are new every morning.  As I thought through the list of truths, I also remembered that Jesus doesn’t leave me alone in my difficulties.  He is always with me.

I recovered quite rapidly from my frump.  I am very thankful for my wife’s help, and I am very thankful for the eternal truths of God.  I am very blessed.  The next time the weight of life comes crashing down, I’ll have to read this blog, or my wife will remind me to read this blog.

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