I believe that every individual on the earth has a purpose, and with that purpose comes a set of giftings to facilitate that purpose.  The fulfillment of that purpose is in the hands of God.  He who assigned our purpose will bring it about.  The logical solution to finding that purpose would therefore be to seek God and follow his lead.  The questions why am I here and what am I to do are only answered by the God who created you.

Those who don’t seek God live a random existence in pursuit of wealth and recognition.  The usual outcome is an unfulfilled life that is meaningless.  They strive for purpose but never find it.  Though they acquire great wealth and achieve worldwide recognition, there is a void in their life.  Only in our creator can we fill that void.

I believe that trusting God is the only logical approach to life.  Trust the Lord to give you place; trust the Lord to give you favor.  Trust him to put you in position to fulfill what he has gifted you to do.  In this alone is true happiness.  Possessions, power, and fame do not produce happiness.  The history of man is full of examples.  The book of Ecclesiastes is perhaps a starting place for these examples.

If, as you look to fulfill your purpose, you are full of stress; something is wrong.  Perhaps, you are trying to make it happen.  Possibly, there is too much of you involved.  Consider just doing the work that is set before you.  Leave the outcome in the hands of the Lord.  Ultimately, your work will bear the fruit that the Lord intends.  Just enjoy the ride.  Trust the Lord for your purpose.

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