“Who’s coming to visit?” Joseph asked as he entered the house.  “The owner!” Martha exclaimed.  “He’s coming to see what we’ve done with the farm.”

“How do you know all this?  Did a letter arrive?”  Joseph sat down at the kitchen table to rest and hear more of the story.

“No,” replied Martha.  “Roscoe called to let us know.”

Roscoe was an old friend who worked for the owner.  His call may have unnecessarily worried Martha.  Joseph knew that Roscoe was a bit of an alarmist.

Joseph inquired further, “Did he say why the owner was coming?”

“No, but he sounded like we’d better be on our toes,” Martha said with urgency in her voice.

“You know that the owner loves us.  When he set us up here, he was kind and helpful”, Reflected Joseph.   “I’m more likely to believe that he wants to see us and spend time with us.  I don’t think he’s coming to inspect our progress.  Besides, things are going well.  There have been a few setbacks, but we’ve done our best.  He’s not looking for more than that.”

Martha relaxed a little.  “Well, it is a good excuse to use my China tea set.”


Someday the owner is coming back to Judge what we‘ve done, but today his visit is probably just to be with you.  He is a generous, kind, and loving owner full of grace and mercy.  Invite Him in and enjoy His presence.

3 thoughts on “THE OWNER

  1. He desires us to invest what He has given us and enter into more blessing. If anything the parable of the talents teaches us to not fear the investment but to rejoice with Him in it and what fruit it brings. Blessed is the man whom when the Lord comes He will find him working.


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