I have often wondered why a humble God would want me to worship him.  As I write these words, I fear I’m in danger of blasphemy. But don’t get me wrong, I am convinced that God is worthy of praise and worship. I just don’t know why he wants it?  He obviously doesn’t need my worship.  While exploring this thought, I have also discovered that my flesh doesn’t want to worship God.  There’s a clue.  Worshiping God is counter to my sinful nature. 

So, I’m sitting here at my computer.  I have all kinds of little tasks in mind.  One is writing this blog post.  Guess what?  I can’t get anything together to write about.  I play a few games of Free Cell to focus my mind.  Finally the realization strikes me; I need to worship the Lord.  With a heroic act of will power, I drag myself from the addicting game, pick up my guitar, pick out a worship song, and begin to sing and play.

I am surprised by the transition that takes place.  I have no idea why this should surprise me.  I have experienced this shift from the flesh to the spirit an innumerable number of times.  My spirit begins to connect with the Holy Spirit, my mind begins to clear, and my heart experiences God’s loving presence.  This is the result of worship.

Therefore, my great intellectual quandary turns out to have a quite simple answer.  God doesn’t need my worship; I need to worship him.  God is humble; I am not.  I need to position myself in a humble place of worship in order to get on his level, so I can reach him.

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