Years ago my wife and I attended a couples Sunday school class.  A lesson from that class was illustrated by a triangle.  The three points of the triangle represented the wife, the husband and Jesus.  As the husband and wife moved up the triangle closer to Jesus, they became closer to each other.

I remember this teaching because I’ve found it to be true, and it works for other analogies.  For instance, if I want to be more effective in ministry I need to grow closer to Jesus.  The closer I get to Him the more useful I become.  This presents the question, “How do I get closer to Jesus?”

I have discovered that focusing on being a better person is not the way.  When I focus on being a better person, I’m basically focusing on me.  I’m looking inward.  The key is looking beyond me to Jesus.  Growing closer to Jesus happens when I keep company with Him.  I am a better husband, father, teacher, and person while my eyes are on Jesus. 

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