“But they who wait upon the Lord will renew their strength.”  This familiar verse from Isaiah 40:31 has the word wait in it.  Generally not a favorite word for me, and I’d venture to guess not for you either.  Considering that we live in impatient twenty-first century America, you might even say it’s a hated word.  “I hate waiting!”

From this introduction, you might guess that I’ve been struggling with the process of waiting upon the Lord.  In July of last year, I began the procedure for killing cancer with chemo therapy.  It turned out to not be as much fun as I thought.  I have felt pain beyond my previous experience.  A defunct gall bladder and monthly encounters with gout have topped the pain list.

In the midst of the misery and discomfort, there have been delays.  In September, gull bladder surgery put me off for a month, the holidays messed with the chemo schedule, and now I’m delayed waiting for my blood counts to improve.  One last session of chemo left, and I’m waiting.  (While reading this I hope you can refrain from using the word whiner.  Of course I am whining.)

Well, throughout this lesson of waiting on the Lord, I haven’t been doing very well.  I’m hoping to squeak by with a “C”.  I am learning, but this has been tough.  I’m hoping to not be required to take this class over.  I’m glad God is merciful.

The purpose of sharing this with you is not to gain sympathy, although I am willing to receive a minor amount.  Really, I write this blog to share my struggles and growth as encouragement.  You fine people who read this are my fellow travelers.  We share this in common, “we are sinners in need of a savior.”  Thank you Jesus!

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