The other morning, during our morning coffee, my wife read to me from the book of Acts chapter 12.  As she read the story of the disciples James and Peter in the hands of King Herod, I was reminded of God’s undefeatable power.  James the brother of John was arrested and then executed by Herod.  When Herod saw that the Jews were pleased by this he arrested Peter.  The story of what happened to these two disciples is another display of God’s ability to bring about his plan.

The death of James meant that his work was done.  God called him home.  Herod thought he had shown his great power by executing him, but when he tried the same with Peter, whom God was not ready to bring home, he experienced a different result.  Peter was arrested and placed in jail under the guard of four men.  Two of these men were chained to Peter and the other two stood guard.  Herod was not going to lose this prisoner.  The night before Peter’s trial an angel came into his cell and woke him.  As Peter awoke the chains fell off him, and the angel led him out of the prison.  God had intervened. 

God has a plan that cannot be thwarted by man.  We don’t see clearly what God has planned, but if we get in the way, God will take action.  Herod could not stop God’s church.  This little group of disciples had no worldly power, but they were in the will of God, and he has undefeatable power. 

In our limited understanding, we often judge God by asking why did he let this or that happen.  We don’t know, but he does.  Since we don’t have the big picture, we just have to trust him who does.  In my little tiny part of his plan, I trust him to direct me and keep me on track.  I know that all the power is in his hands.


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