Psalm 24:1  The earth is the Lord’s and everything in it, the world and all who live in it.

God’s World and Us is founded on the truth revealed in this scripture verse.  God owns us and everything we know.  This blog is dedicated to exploring our relationship with the owner and the daily lives we live out here on his earth.  Today, I want to focus on his ownership.

In the Parable of the Tenants, found in Matthew 21:33-46, Jesus tells of a landowner who built a vineyard and then rented it to some farmers. The farmers had an obligation to share the profits of the vineyard with the owner.  They betrayed their obligation and beat and killed his representatives when they came for the owner’s portion.  The farmers even killed his son when he came to them.  The parable is about the failure of the Jewish leaders to respond to God’s calling, and how he is going to turn his kingdom over to more faithful tenants.  As I read this parable, my thoughts were pervaded by the idea of being God’s tenant.

Since God created the earth and everything it, what I claim to own is actually his.  I am God’s tenant here on his earth.  He has set me up with the talents and abilities needed to accomplish the tasks he has set before me.  So I asked myself, what kind of a tenant am I?  Do I respect the owner and take good care of what he has given me, or do I use what he’s given me for my own benefit without regard for him?  Do I turn over the profit of my life, or do I take the credit?

As I process through these thoughts I find myself in need of repentance.  The things I possess, I think of as mine – rarely acknowledging the true owner.  I’ve taken a lot of credit for my accomplishments without mentioning my Lord to whom the credit is really due.  I am glad he is a generous and gracious owner who is slow to anger and abounding in love.  Thank you Heavenly Father for giving me such a great life.  Help me to be a humble and grateful tenant.

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