Jason opened the cabin door and stepped out, crossed the small porch, descended the steps, and headed down the path toward the lake.  Approaching the lake he diverted from the path and took a seat on his favorite rock.  He paused a few minutes to take in the view.  The lake was still with a thin morning mist hovering near the center.  Rays of sunlight angled through the trees as if to highlight the undergrowth.    The air was alive with fluttering birds chirping their happy songs, and a family of squirrels in the higher branches discussed Jason’s arrival. 

Jason smiled, and with a contented sigh opened his Bible to Psalm 19.  He read: The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies declare the work of his hands.  As he continued the words of the Psalm filled him with wonder and awe.  Just then, Jesus appeared and took a seat next to him.

Jason exclaimed, “Lord I am amazed at what you have created, how it all fits together with such intricacy, and how vast you made it”!  He was excited to express delight with creation to the one through whom it was created.

Jesus smiled.

Jason continued, “As I look at you my heart experiences deep emotion.  I just realized that your love shown in the redemption of creation must also have been there at the beginning.”  Jason slipped from the rock to his knees; “Thank you for creating me; thank you for redeeming me.  Thank you that you have given me the opportunity to experience your love.”

Jesus reached out his hand, lifted Jason to his feet, and said, “You’re welcome.  Now come and join me, and let me know what else is on your heart today.”

“Well the treasured lady that you sent to walk beside me is always on my heart.  Bless her strengthen and encourage her today.  Help me to appreciate her in all our interactions.  Remember my children.  Help them to grow in their relationship with you.  I ask you to touch that little boy who is suffering, and be with his family.  They need your comfort.  My dear friend needs your healing touch.”  Jason stopped there.  He recognized that he was done.  The prayers on his mind had been expressed.

“What is on your heart for this day?” Jesus asked.

“Well, I really want to cut three limbs from that tree in my back yard before the sap begins to run.”

“Go and do it,” Directed Jesus.

Jason dismissed himself with a thank you, rose from his chair, and left his study.

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