I tend to keep my mind focused on anxieties like worries, concerns, and fears.  I actively hold on to them till they become a part of me.  They are like familiar friends.  It seems like to worry is my natural default.  However, Jesus told me not to worry.

Jesus has recently asked me, “Can you let go of these things and give them to me?”  His question definitely presented a challenge, yet it was very instructive.  I thought these worries, concerns, and fears were my responsibility.  I didn’t ask for them, yet somehow I felt it was my job to wrestle with them.  Jesus’ question led me to understand that I was not supposed to hold on to them.  How freeing to realize that I could just let go and give them to him.  I did, at least for the moment, let go.  I wanted to keep that feeling of freedom forever, but alas it was fleeting.  I found myself grabbing all these anxieties right back. 

I’ve come to the conclusion that letting go is a spiritual and emotional battle, but I now know that the battle is worth it.  When I let go, my joy returns, and I become pleasant to others.  My heart desires to be kind and generous, but these anxieties hinder and distract me.  So I grasp that letting go is not a moment in time fix, but it requires a continual action of surrender and trust.  Only in Jesus can I find the strength to do this.  In him I can let go.

Reposted from September 2016

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